Animal Orchard makes children's clothing featuring our adorable characters. These hybrid "anifruits" and "vegemals" make us smile. We hope they make you smile too.

Who are we?

Smile - You're YOU!

Some people are apples, some may be elephants, and some might even be aplufants! Whatever we are, we've each got an important place here on earth.

our message:

We care about people, we care about the earth, and we care about doing this right. There's a triple bottom line that we're constantly assessing: 1) social 2) environmental 3) financial. Every step along the way, we hope to be acting responsibly in each of these three domains.

Charity: We give 1% of our profits to organizations that help people live better lives. As we grow, we will write about the partnerships that we develop with these charities.





We’re happy to have you on board. Now let’s see where this ride takes us!Rock and Roll,Eli, Yosef, and Alex(tap the pictures for our bios)






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