In 2005...

aplufant was born:


We looked at our creation and realized this was something we had to share.


We cut out stencils, spray painted some t-shirts for our friends, and we began to spread the awesomeness.

Our friends liked it, and so did our strangers. It was cool.

 It was so awesome, in fact, that we deemed it:

 The Finest in Quality Awesomeness.


The aplufant made some friends and the whole Animal Orchard started to grow!



We printed up a bunch of shirts, shared them with our (aplu)fans, and they started asking for stuff for the little ones…


We present to you aplufant for infants, toddlers, and kids!




There’s more cool stuff coming and we’re excited you’re here for the journey.

Stay tuned, friends.

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let's connection!